Medicare Supplement Plan F 2017

One of the most popular and comprehensive plan offered by Medicare in 2017 is Medicare Supplement Plan F. Being the most expensive plan, it covers almost all the aspects left by other plans. This plan caters to all the costs in regards to the doctor as well as the hospital and the beneficiary has to pay this only after the original portion is paid by Part A and B.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2017Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2017 is appreciated by many and this is the reason why almost all the carriers of Medigap sell this plan. You can purchase the plan from any carrier as the details would not change but the cost can vary a bit. In short, the gaps left by Medicare Part A and B is filled and covered by Plan F.

As of this writing, Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2017 will help to cover the benefits related to Medicare:-

  • It pays both Part A and B coinsurance.
  • It pays for the foremost 3 blood pints every year.
  • Along with paying for Part A coinsurance, it even covers the extra days after the benefits of Medicare end.
  • It covers the need of any medical emergency arising when traveling abroad.
  • The excess charges incurred from Medicare Part B.
  • Medicare Part A deductible in regards to hospitalization as well as Part B deductible merely for hospital and medical outpatient expenses.
  • Nursing care offered by skilled professionals.


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The only aspect that is not covered by the Medicare Supplement Plan F is the premium payments made for the Medicare Part B. In case the income earned by you is high, then one needs to pay the Medicare Part A premium. Individuals falling in this high earning category are liable to pay the premium all by themselves; Plan F is not responsible.

As mentioned above that the cost of this plan depends highly on the carrier, there is an option of extra highly deductible Plan F. In this option, the beneficiary is required to pay a certain set of amount for the charges and later the plan pays for the coverage.

There isn’t any charge applicable to the coverage list under the deductible plan. It acts as an alternative to the standard Plan F and it is quite cheaper to that. There are other cheap plans available but many people will prefer Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2017 due to its expansive coverage option which suits the ones who require medical care on a regular basis.