Humana Medicare Advantage 2018

The coverage offered by Medicare Advantage plans may be enough to provide for the healthcare need so most seniors. However, there is some variety between the different Advantage plans that insurance companies offer, and Humana Medicare Advantage 2018 plans could be different from some of your other options. They are worth considering, though, due to Humana’s excellent reputation as an insurance provider.

We are going to examine what Humana is offering as far as Medicare Advantage insurance and help you decide if they are right for you.


Medicare Advantage 2018


Advantage Plan Coverage

Whether you buy your Advantage plan from Humana or some other insurance company, the base coverage will always be the same. Medicare regulates plans to ensure that all insurance companies give their customers the same starting coverage. There may be additional coverage added on top of that, but you can rest assured that the same basic coverage will be provided:

  • Urgent care and emergency medical services
  • Medicare Part A (except for hospice care)
  • Medicare Part B

Humana will typically add some coverage onto its Advantage plan, like Medicare Part D, which is going to take care of a lot of your medication costs. You may also receive coverage for annual checkups, which are essential for seniors, and which are not included in most other Medicare plans.

Humana is allowed to change the coverage later, but it cannot touch that base coverage. It can also change its rates as it wishes, so pay attention to what those are before you sign up for a plan.

You should be aware that Humana may have different plans with different coverage depending on where you live. The coverage can change depending on what each state considers to be medically necessary as well as what kind of competition us in the same area.

Humana will let you know if its coverage is going to change, and you will have time to change plans or providers if you like before the change sets in.

Humana’s Network

Like every other insurance company, Humana has a network that it works off of. This network is a series of hospitals and other medical facilities that have agreed to take Humana’s plan and accepts its subscribers when they come to their facilities for healthcare. Going to a facility that is not part of your insurance company’s network is called going off network. That often means that you get little to no coverage, even if you are paying for a coverage plan like Medicare Advantage.

You will generally have two different network types to choose from, though the choice won’t always be there and there may be additional choices as well.

The most common one is HMO, which is what most people are going to want. This economical plan allows subscribers to get full coverage when they go to a network facility but no coverage if they go off network. It keeps things simple and even throws in exceptions for when people have emergencies and have to be taken to an off-network facility for treatment.

Humana’s Medicare Advantage 2018 may also come with the option for a PPO plan. This gives you that same full coverage you enjoy at on network faculties. But it also gives you partial coverage if you go off network for care. That opens up your options a lot more and allows you some freedom as to where you can go and still receive coverage. This plan will usually cost you more than an HMO, though, since it does more for you.

Which one you choose will depend on your budget and what kind of network locations are around you. You may find that Humana has little to no network coverage in your area, which means that most clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals near you are not on their network. In that case, it is probably in your best interests to go with a PPO plan or find different insurance provider.

Are Humana’s Advantage Plans a Good Choice for You?

The Advantage coverage plan is not your only option for medical coverage at all. You have lots of other choices to pick from, but you should at least consider this type of plan. There is lots of value to be had with Humana Advantage plans, and you should compare what the plan is offering to the kind of needs you have.

Everyone’s needs will be different, and no one knows your personal medical coverage needs better than you do. That’s why we cannot say that the Advantage plan is right for you or not, because we don’t know your situation.

You can talk to your doctor about what kind of medical problems you need to try to cover and consult with your insurance agent to see what kind of plan he thinks will work best for you. These experts can give you advice that is more tailored to your circumstances and our individual needs, but it still comes down to your decision.

We know that Humana’s Advantage plans have a lot of offer and that they can provide some amazing value. Still, we understand that these plans can be a bit much for some people. There will be those who only need a little bit of coverage, and the basic medical plan may be perfect for them. Keep in mind, though, that not all Advantage plans are the same, and that some of them offer a lot less coverage than others. The basic coverage may be perfect for you, and if your needs change later, you can always add on some additional coverage like the Medicare Part D plan.

We urge every senior to check out Medicare advantage plans. Humana has some high value offerings that were worth considering if you need that level of coverage. Be sure to compare the Humana Medicare Advantage 2018 options with other Advantage plans being offered by other insurance companies. You want to be certain that you are getting the best deal for you.


Medicare Advantage 2018