AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017

You may be familiar with AARP as a senior service company. Most people know that they offer a lot of different products, programs and services for the elderly, but did you know they also sell medical insurance? We want to focus here on the AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2017.

These are plans that essentially add on to what the basic Medicare plan covers you for. The expenses it takes care of for you are extensive, and depending on the plan you choose, you could be covered for most of your remaining medical expenses or just a couple of them. It’s up to you, and AARP has a lot of choices.

AARP’s Supplemental Coverage

AARP isn’t offering you anything that other companies cannot offer, as far as supplemental insurance coverage goes. It has to draw from the same list of plans that Medicare offers to other companies. Medicare allows private insurance companies like AARP to pick some of their supplemental plans to sell. They can pick all ten of them if they like, but they do have offer a few basic plans, if they offer anything at all.




They also have to stick to the coverage rules that Medicare has set up. AARP and other companies cannot change the coverage at all, even if they charge very different prices for the plans from what other companies are charging. They can charge what they like, but they cannot alter the coverage on these plans at all. Only Medicare gets to do that, and it will only do so after alerting its subscribers of the upcoming changes.

AARP doesn’t offer all the supplemental insurance plans, but it does sell quite a few of them. It sells these at its own rates, and it tries to be competitive with other insurance companies. The eligibility rules are the same with AARP as they are with any other insurance companies that sell the Medicare Supplemental plans. That is, if you are 65 years or older and have Medicare’s basic plan, then you should be automatically eligible for the plan of your choice from the provider of your choice. Best of all, you don’t have to pay rates that are based on your age or preexisting medical conditions. You get the pick from the cream of the crop and the best rates.

Signing up with ARP means that you get to enjoy their member benefits. Their plans have the same coverage as everyone else’s Medicare supplement plans, but being a subscriber with them give you access to a lot of perks and services you might not otherwise be able to access. They have a great reputation for customer service, and it is things like this that you may want to to take into consideration as you pick your provider and plan.

What You’ll Be Covered For

AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017If you sign up for one of the AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017 plans, then you get to enjoy coverage that fills in gaps that Medicare’s basic plan left for you to pay. These are expenses you may be paying regularly, so it can really help to have that extra coverage.

Let’s look at some of the expenses the supplemental plans will cover for you. Please keep in mind that you won’t necessarily be covered for all these expenses. Plan F is the only full coverage plan, which means it is the only one that covers all the items we are going to list here. The other plans will cover you for some of these items or for parts of them, such as 50% of a particular item.

Hospice Care Coinsurance- You get coverage for up to 365 days of this item, which applies to hospital stays.

Medicate Part A Copayment- Most plans will cover you for this very common medical expense that all Medicare subscribers have to pay.

Medicare Part B Copayment- This is another common expense covered by most of the supplement plans.

Medicare Part A Deductible- You would have pay this expense every time you enjoyed Part A services, but most supplement plans will cover it for you.

Medicare Part B Deductible- This one if fairly common as well, but most plans won’t cover you for it. Thankfully, it is only $183.

Nursing Care Coinsurance- This one is covered by most of the plans as well, and you will only receive your coverage if you go for treatment at a Medicare approved facility.

Blood- You are covered for some blood with Medicare’s basic plan, but this coverage gives you three more pints each year.

Part B Excess Charges- This uncommon expense is only covered by a couple of plans, and you probably won’t need to worry about it unless you frequent a hospital or other healthcare facility that doesn’t fully accept Medicare.

Foreign Travel Exchange- This will cover part of the cost of your emergency travel expenses in foreign countries.

Do any of those look like expenses that you would accrue over the next year? If so, then look for the Medicare supplement plan that covers what you need and see if AARP has it on offer. They may not, and if they don’t, you can always go to another provider to find the plan you need.

If you like what AARP is offering its members and you are fine with their prices, then you can sign up for supplemental plans with them this year. You can enjoy powerful coverage that fits in your budget, if you have done your research and compared plans and rates.

Signing up for AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2017 is a big step, but if you have taken the time to examine your needs and the plans, then it can be the right one. This can be the move that saves you money on healthcare and allows you to have peace of mind about your hospital visits and doctor’s appointments.


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